Co-Managed IT Services

Whether your looking for fully managed IT services or additional support for your current IT department, we have a plan for you!

Our Co-Managed IT Plans

Co-Managed IT

If you’re looking for additional support for your internal IT department,
our Co-Managed IT Plans are perfect for you!


Does your internal IT team need additional oversight?

With our Essential Plan you’ll always have us when your team needs additional guidance and best practices.

Managed IT

Don’t currently have an IT department? With our Managed IT Plans we effectively become your companies IT department!


Is your internal IT team too busy managing your network to provide quality support to your staff?

With our Foundational Plan we’ll keep your network infrastructure under control so your IT team can focus on end-user support.


Because we cross pollinate hundreds of companies we can help give your internal team the confidence it needs to move forward to that new cloud product or VoIP system you have been hearing about.

We can implement the right security products and Disaster Recovery techniques learned from managing hundreds of environments.

  • Do you need your network Monitored and Patched but not supported?
  • Do you need a Ticketing system to help manage your tickets?
  • Do you need tools to help Automate your network?

Whether IT support is your role in the company or part of the department you manage and are looking for a solution to a gap in your IT strategy, give us a call and we will coordinate a meeting with our client managers and high-level engineers to help! 

Do you have security concerns?

We can help – Schedule a complimentary onsite security assessment and consultation!