The firewall is a key part of your defensive forces against the new threats of this era of cyber security. Without it your business could fall victim to ransomware, security breaches, compromised data records, and other malicious acts.

In the first half of 2017 alone there were 1,901,866,611 compromised data records.

At medicalmsp we recognize these threats and as a result have a bundle of services designed to protect this critical piece of our clients’ business operations.

Firewall as a Service is hands down one of the best options to have perpetual control and consistent support of your on premise firewall system.

At medicalmsp we know that a firewall is only as good as the software updates inside of it what many in the industry refer to as security services.  This is why our Firewall as a Service solution covers your firewall continuously with updates and warranty support for just one monthly fee.

At medicalmsp we offer this superior solution to the old model of buying a firewall and letting those critical security services lapse.

If your current IT provider doesn’t take these updates seriously then we recommend you consider an IT partner who places an emphasis on your security and protection.